It takes time to be happy. A lot of time. Happiness, too, is a long patience.

Albert Camus, A Happy Death (via hellanne)

I am a dreamer. I know so little of real life that I just can’t help re-living such moments as these in my dreams, for such moments are something I have very rarely experienced. I am going to dream about you the whole night, the whole week, the whole year.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, White Nights (via hellanne)

Then one day, suddenly, it ends, it changes, I don’t understand, it dies, or it’s me, I don’t understand that either. I ask the words that remain— sleeping, waking, morning, evening. They have nothing to say.

Samuel Beckett, Endgame (via hellanne)

Have you ever been so melancholy, that you wanted to fit in the palm of your beloved’s hand? And lie there, for fortnights, or decades, or the length of time between stars? In complete silence?

Sarah Ruhl, Melancholy Play (via hellanne)


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